Cara membuat file zip di ubuntu 0 0

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Posted ByImron, A.Md

Well, most probably your files are perfectly fine before FTP transmission.

Unfortunately, probably you are transferring your files using wrong FTP mode.

FTP do have two modes: binary and ASCII. By default most clients use ASCII mode, which breaks your binary files completely. I don't know which FTP client you are using, but for example in ncftp you can use command "binary" to switch to binary mode.

If you want to create ZIP files using Ubuntu (or almost any other Linux), use zip. You can install it to Ubuntu by running

sudo apt-get install zip

Then you can create zip file by running

zip -r /var/www/html/foldername = nama file jadi yang dibuat
/var/www/html/foldername = nama lokasi folder yang akan di zip

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone